Swedish Massage

The classic.  This relaxing style of massage is designed to soothe the body and mind while releasing tension, allowing for a sense of deep peace and calm.  Using long gliding strokes, compression, and kneading, this massage helps you unwind, center your mind, and will leave you feeling nurtured and refreshed!


Sports/Flexibility Massage

Don't let the title fool you, this massage is for everyone!  This style of massage is designed to incorporate Swedish relaxation with Therapeutic healing, while adding passive and active stretching to the massage.  Tight legs or glutes?  We'll work those out with knee-to-chest stretches, quad stretches (both active and passive), and even some internal stretching to get those deep muscles.  This is a customized session to help you increase your flexibility, stretch tight muscles and help you feel more at ease in your body.  Anyone who uses their body for work or play will appreciate this massage!

Therapeutic/Healing Massage

Designed just for you, this massage is a custom blend of ALL the techniques and tools I have to offer!  The goal of therapeutic massage is to work together to heal old or new injuries, hurts or aches.  This is a very focused session, where we discuss the specific problem(s) you are having and work towards a goal of relieving the symptoms AND getting to the bottom of the problem.  This can be a one-time session, but therapeutic massage is usually a short-term commitment.  It can be beneficial for everyone, but often clients who see me for this massage have an ongoing pain/trauma issue and understand that multiple sessions are usually necessary for long-term change.  It incorporates relaxing elements from Swedish massage, may include stretching or active movement from the client, and uses techniques that range from extremely gentle (Tender Point work/Myofascial Unwinding) to deep pressure (Trigger Point work/compression).  This massage is all about healing your body and improving your quality of life!

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

For the Mom's-to-be who are miraculously creating another life, this massage is for you!  I love to nurture these amazing women, and this massage is all about making you comfortable.  The list of changes your body goes through is LONG...  and I get it!  I offer side-lying massage that cradles your body - and the baby! - in pillows and bolsters, and allows us to work all those tired muscles while nestling you in safety and comfort.  We can recline you gently on your back with foam support as well, if that makes you comfortable.  And after the birth you'll DEFINITELY need massage!  Miss laying face down but are breast feeding?  I have support for that as well, keeping you comfortable on a whole new level.  After all, every mom deserves massage!

Not sure what you want or need?  NO PROBLEM!

Come on in and we'll customize a session just for you!

All massages are offered at 60 or 90 minutes.  However, if you are looking for a Full Body Massage in any of these styles, I recommend a 90 minute massage.  That allows me to spend more time with each area we work on.  If you are looking for a focused session (2 or 3 specific areas to work on), a 60 minute massage can be perfect for that.

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