About me...

Hi, my name is Kristen McFarland.  I am a graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts, and a Licensed Massage Therapist (#25451) in the Portland, OR, area.  I am an East Coast transplant, and LOVE being a part of the Portland community!  I identify as "she/her", and welcome ALL people to my table.  I have a varied background; I've been a musician since learning the piano at 3, have owned my own construction company, and had the pleasure of serving almost 9 years with the U.S. Army where I spent the last 4 years jumping out of airplanes with the 82D Airborne!  That being said, I'm excited to finally have found my calling as a healer!  I have been providing bodywork to friends and family for most of my life, and enjoy the many health benefits that massage offers.  Benefits like stress reduction, relief from anxiety and depression, greater mobility and improved function in the body, increased blood flow, lowered blood pressure, and of course, relaxation!  I take a personalized approach to each massage, and enjoy incorporating multiple techniques and modalities into each session.


Each massage is designed with your goals in mind; from relaxation to therapeutic, I provide a safe, comfortable massage that helps you lead a better, more balanced life, physically as well as emotionally and mentally.  Massage is the perfect compliment for your life and has something to offer everyone!

I hope to see you soon!